Rhonna W. Phillips
Counseling & Therapy Services, LLC



Email: RPhillips@BirminghamCounselor.com
Website: www.BirminghamCounselor.com
Work Cell: (205) 356-9834
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26387 Birmingham, AL 35260
Physical Address: 1320 Alford Avenue Suite 101 Birmingham, AL 35226



Payment is always due prior to the start of our appointment. Unless prepaid, I require a guarantee for your appointments, by having your credit card on file or a deposit of 50% by cash or local check. I do not take Insurance. I provide receipts for all forms of payment. I accept, in order of preference:

1. Cash, because it does not cost me to receive it.

2. A credible local Check. Any returned checks will have a $40.00 fee due prior to your next appointment & you may become cash pay only.

3. Using credit/debit/HSA cards by prepayment through my website appointment and payment software, Square.

4. Using Square devices in my office. You can Dip your chip, Tap for contactless pay, or Swipe your magnetic strip, prior to the start of your session.

5. Cards manually keyed in by you or me, in the office, through Square or PayPal, (includes cards on file). I reserve the right to charge the 2.75% - 3.5%+ service fees to the cardholder. Use of a credit/debit card is YOUR accepting the risks of unforeseen data or security breaches. Refer to SquareUp.com/security



INTAKE Session for Individual Adult or Child/Adolescent: 75 min. $125.00;
(or for ADHD Assessment: 90 min. $150.00);
Individual Counseling/Therapy Session: 50 min. $100.00.

INTAKE CONJOINT Family or Couples Session: 75 min. $135.00;
Family or Couples Conjoint Counseling Session: 50 min. $120.00.
Please DO NOT send anyone in the place of or in addition to the identified client(s), whose name the appointment is in, unless you have cleared this with me in advance. There are clinical reasons for this.

If YOU extend a session add $25.00 for Individual and $30.00 for Couples/Family for each additional 15 minutes; due before, the next session. CRISIS session rates may vary according to appropriateness of the request.

Collaborative Divorce Orientation- no charge;
Case Management Retainer: 8 hours $1,600.00;
Coaching Session: 50 min. $200.00.

Group Counseling/Therapy Screening: 50 min. $65.00;
Group Counseling/Therapy Session: 70-90 min. $50.00; 110-120 min $65.00.

Supervision of ALC in training (only cash or check):
Individual Session: 50-60 min. $40.00; 80-90 min. $60.00; 110-120 min. $80.00;
Mini or (3+) Group Session: 50-60 min. $30.00; 80-90 min. $45.00;
110-120 min. $60.00.

There will be a limited number of slots available for HARDSHIP rates. These will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and may be a temporary arrangement. Only cash or check will be accepted in these cases.



The appointment you set and agree to is YOUR responsibility. If you elect to, my appointment software Square, will send you an automated reminder via email or text; your choice.

Things beyond your control can arise and I am understanding of these. Otherwise, 24 hours’ notice is required to avoid the fee. To CX or R/S on short notice or during non business hours, please call & leave me a message. The fee is 50% of the published/your contracted fee. This must be paid prior to any future appointments and can be charged to the credit card you provided as your appt guarantee. Cancelations of an appt prepaid by credit/debit card, which qualify for a refund, will be made in a form at Rhonna’s discretion. Multiple late CX’s, R/S’s or NS’s will indicate to me that you are not invested in therapy at this time and our therapy will be suspended.



Outside of session calls, for clinical emergencies (safety/time sensitive matters) of less than 15 minutes, will NOT be charged (please no email or text). Longer than 15 minutes or any non-emergency clinical contacts will be charged in 15 min increments; according to our contracted payment agreement. These are due prior to our next appointment. Fees include clinical phone sessions & email/texts (other than scheduling of appointments), case management like your requests for letters, record reviews/copies, reports, summaries, consultations, and response to legal matters, duplicate receipts… For ex: A 15 min. phone consult for an Individual client at regular rates, would be $25.00. A 30 min. record review and writing of a letter for one or both members of Couple’s Therapy would be $60.00.

If you are involved in a LEGAL matter and I am requested by you, subpoenaed by your attorney or the opposing party's attorney, and/or ordered by a judge to respond in any manner, my time will be charged for in 15 minute increments according to our current contracted payment agreement. Examples of billable time include: review of & copying your file, travel, waiting on-site and giving a deposition or testifying. Mileage will be billed at IRS reimbursement rates. In addition, any attorney fees incurred by me, for consultation on or my representation related to your case, will be billable to you.



Reasonable notice will be given including the opportunity to discuss a payment plan. I reserve the right to use any and all legal means to collect payment that is due to me. This may include billing you via certified mail, charging your credit/debit card, contacting your approved 3rd party payer, use of collections services, placing a lien on your property, small claims court and notifying the Credit Bureau.